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under obama care violates their beliefs as roman catholics. divided ruling is one of several on the birth control issue and will likely have to be resolved by the supreme court. it's almost marathon day. everyone is coming into new york city. the top cop commissioner ray kelly says he is ready. last week's race is cancelled because of super storm sandy. this year security is tight. obviously because of the boston bombings. 43 specially trained police dogs will be part of the massive security detail and that's not all. in addition to the cameras in our lower midtown manhattan initiative. it established mobile units and video collection teams. >> and there are all sorts of other measures that they don't talk about spectators, meantime are being asked to gather at the finish line. not to bring backpacks and things like that. opening ceremonies, most runners including this guy who ran in boston say they are not worried. >> anything can happen anywhere. you but to come back this is special. they had to cancel last year because of the hurricane. this is really something. >> that re
it saturday, the 30th of november, 2013. i'm anna kooiman, it's deadline day for the obama web site. and it begins with a shutdown. overnight out of service. will it be up and running in time to keep the president's promise? we will bring you the latest. >> caught on camera mayhem at your local mall. a black friday frenzy, leading to reports of violence all over america. including one woman taking out a taser on her fellow shoppers ahead. >> did she get that tv? she did. a family has a lot to be thankful for today after high speed crash into utah home on thursday night. their surprise hero josh romney, son of former presidential candidate mitt romney. how he pulled the family of four to safety. "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> so, good morning,. >> good saturday morning, everyone. did you have a wonderful thanksgiving. >> yes, we missed you. >> i missed i. i would say i did not wake up early enough to show. i heard it was great. >> what you should do on thanksgiving when you are off. >> you spent the holiday with 20 people. >> we always have a big thanksgi
. but did he have just tell another lie while apology guising for the first lie? president obama claims it's just 5% of people that are at risk of losing their health insurance. but his administration predicted in 2010 that as many as 60% of large companies and 80% of small businesses would be forced to give up the plan they like because of obama care. >> if you missed the president's apology on thursday, take a listen to what he had to say. we'll dive more deeply into these numbers. listen. >> first of all, i meant what i said and we worked hard to try to make sure that we implemented this properly. but, obviously, we didn't do a good enough job, and i regret that. we're talking about 5% of the population who are in what's called the individual market. they're out there buying health insurance on their own. >> so the news agency broke down these numbers. it turns out it's not just 5%. would be over 41 million people, which breaks down to about 17% of the population. karl rove, numbers man himself, did he see what he said about this? >> it wasn't a good apology. you do not apologyize for a
in the mid terms. not an accident. >> is this something that is just convenient on the obama administration's part? our very own henry pressed the white house press secretary jay carney yesterday on this very thing. take a listen. >> the 2015 date, republican chuck grassley said today he charged that you are extending it, the open enrollment was supposed to start for 2015 in october of 2014 as i recall. it's now going to start in mid november 2014. he says you are doing that so that it starts after the midterm elections. it's politics. >> the fact is we are doing this because it makes sense for insurers to have a clear of a sense of pool they gain in the market before setting rates for next year. and because of the problems in the implementation of the web site on that we have experienced that has slowed enrollment in the early stages here. we expect that the -- what was already going to be a back load of processes is going to be more back loaded and that would leave insurers with a lot of data to try to sort through. >> great, they just have to explore their options a little
this morning. hop on a phone call with me. >> hop on a phone call with me. that's what president obama has sent out for organizing for action, of the political action committee that's supportive of the president's plans and his legislation. he wants to basically apologize on monday in a conference call saying hop on the phone with me. that was the email sent out basically going to apologize for the fumbled rollout of obamacare. >> will it be enough to rally the troops behind him? and he needs that because yesterday he lost 39 democrats in the house of representatives who voted for a bill sponsored by congressman fred upton of michigan that would allow americans the freedom the promised them falsely which is to keep the healthcare plans they are satisfied with. 39 democrats broke with the president to support that by the way they had no choice. the numbers on this are compelling. >> part of that is because over 5 million americans and their families could be more than that severed ties with their doctors. congress men and women are thinking wait a minute i am up for re-election and what happens
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5